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Cave: Dn
Poem: Flay
Wind: Mael
Sand: Berein
Laugh: Kobani
Wood: Net
Our: Ahen
Without: Dehut
O: Ai (as in o! woe is me)
World: Loha
Would: Ae
End: Ylo
I: Helem
We: Halam
My: Chel
Go: Shemor (as in your turn)
Blind: Getemly
If: Kol
Ever: Rodhar
Black: Ci
Men: Caru
Leaf: Bain
Bark: Mein (as in bark of a tree)
Acorn: Eson
Bless: Eol
Until: Jowau
Death: Idris
Chestnut: Gein
Ash: Iein
Ring: Zelana
League: Jaen (as in measurement of distance)
Morning: Hul
Afternoon: luh
Age: M
Ancient: Bifalas
Animal: Sehana-d
Arrow: Tamn
Bow: Lef
Axe: Dtyle
Rosewood: Kein
Pine: Jein
Unto: Xiema
Forever: Di
Under: Dable
Chosen: Melano
Vale/Valley: Irom
No one: Belero
Undying: Awein
Swan: Teren
Mist: Jaun
Ain Eilae. Hes gilen kela tha Eilae meil kuvea jumeo chelun haul h eal-s, tha ne tuchocl. Vel kut h jumeo chelun hauan! Eo sen ylos Eilae flayan ien oum-s. Benan seam ril!

More Elvish. I wrote this bit in Elvish so you could see how it sounded all together, in a sentence. I hope you all like how it sounds! I'll post some Elvish poems soon as well. Goodbye for now!
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Pyxelle Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
Yay! u added wood to this list!
Henai Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2005  Hobbyist Photographer
Yeh, I added wood to this list cos it was very far back in my notebook, don't ask me why...
Pyxelle Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
Henai Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2005  Hobbyist Photographer
Why r u so obsessed with "wood"? Is just cuz of Rick or what?
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